Explore Expo 2015 venues

There is no much time left to May 1, 2015, the day in which Expo2015 will be officially inaugurated. For a long time, the streets of Milan have not revealed in any way the imminent arrival of the universal exposition: there were no signs of work in progress, neither of sites, nor of indications of future installations. The citizens, discouraged, began to be alarmed and throughout the city, from the hidden alleyways to the larger squares, everyone could feel the anxiety peppered with puffs of dissatisfaction: “Te vist' Luisa? We will make such a good impression...” Te gh'è rajun Ambrogio... I wonder how they plan to start and finish everything in such a short time" "All the world will laugh at us. "


The best and the cheapest restaurants in Milan

Finding a cheap restaurant in Milan could be a hard job, it’s known that as the main city of Lombardy and one of the most expensive cities in Italy. Closer to the city center more expensive will be even a cup of coffee, about two euro, a bottle of water three, and a sandwich ten. But don’t worry. In the northern capital is still possible to find places where is not requested to spend all your money for eating something good. Have a look to our advices that you can find also in our guide to Milan areas and we promise you’ll never have to spend more than 10 euro for a complete meal from breakfast to dinner.

What to do at Expo 2015

In May, Expo 2015 has started. A laical Jubilee, where the religion is a mixture between innovation and preservation of natural resources. If you want some tips about what to do at Expo 2015 – and in Milan –avoiding banal touristic itineraries, here you have our tips to take the best from the Expo 2015 experience. We took our backpack and got ready for an entire day spent searching for the most interesting stands and places of the exposition. We have looked around the stands with our camera and a map of the exposition – which you can take for free in the entrance of the structure.

Summer in Milan: events and happenings in the city of the Dome

It’s hard to think of Milan as a “relaxed” city: this place is well-known for the extremely hard-working attitude of its citizens and for the cold weather. However, summer comes even here and the cold is soon replaced with humidity and high temperature. Here you cannot find the sea - so you have to give up on the traditional way to refresh yourself and go dive into one of the Milanese swmming pools. Do not be afraid – Milan is always full of events and happenings. Here you have our tips about those events, which will help you enjoy your stay in this city even in the hottest evenings.

Six places to visit near Milan – itineraries and tips

During the summertime, Milan may reveal to be hot like hell. So, if it is too hot and you have enough to explore this city we suggest you to go visit other centres near Milan. If you want to chill out in places where the weather is cooler and the temperature lower, here you find our tips about some zones near Milan rich with history, art and beautiful landscapes. We have chosen six places to visit near Milan. Read carefully this article and you will not regret from choosing this text instead of any short travel guide to Milan!

Cultural itineraries in Milan that you cannot miss

September has come and Milan is preparing to embrace the autumn. The summertime has gone and the first rains and cold is about to replace the hot weather. Are you thinking of planning your next trip? We suggest you some cultural itineraries in Milan that you cannot miss – all the structures and the places that you have to see once in your life, divided by zone. If you love arts, beauty and culture this article is what you are searching for especially if you want to learn with fun during your next trip. Check out the flights, the apartments for rent available and… hit the road!

Alternative eating in Milan

Saffron risotto, polenta with mushrooms and the evergreen “cassoeula”: this is the Milanese culinary saint Trinity. If you think that eating different, alternative in the city of the Dome is a mission impossible, you are wrong. Milan is a forge of tradition and innovation. This city is like a cake, made of several delicious layers, all different. Milan does not disappoint anybody, from the most traditional taste up to the most curious. Typical restaurants, trattorie – the ideal places for those who love wating Milanese cassoeula The Milanese cassoeula (pic by Ramune Ambrozaitis) traditional food in a traditional and conventional way -, Chinese, Japanese and Indian restaurants, what is left? Here you are a short article with some tips about where to eat in Milan: in this text you will find some of the most interesting places in Milan, which combine curious atmospheres with unusual food – just to try something different!

What to do in Milan – the five typical Milanese evenings

Milan is the capital of fashion, of work, of night life. It is a lively city, characterized by a constant activity, even at night. A city where it is impossible to get bored and which has a lot of things to offer, managing to satisfy anybody’s tastes. This is the reason why in Milan both the lover of the night life and the lover of chilling-out-evenings – a good movie at the cinema, maybe – can be happy. Any zone of this city is rich with surprises, in any corner. This article is thought to give you some tips about what to do in Milan at night, showing you which are the five typical Milanese evenings, which we hope that can get to form part of your habits.

Christmas markets in Milan and Lombardy

The time has come for snowflakes dancing in the air, falling everywhere and making every corner of the city incredibly magic – the time has come for Christmas. Have you already start the final countdown, which separates you from the most beautiful periods of the year? Between a hot chocolate and a praline coming from the Advent calendar, try to find some time to visit the Christmas markets in Milan and nearby. In this article, we suggest you those markets, which – in our opinion – are the most amazing and typical markets in Lombardy. Write down some notes and get ready to do the most incredible Christmas shopping you have ever done in your life – we promise you will not repent from choosing the Christmas markets in Lombardy rather than those in Trentino!

Where to sleep in Milan: the ultimate guide

You have planned your trip to Milan in every single detail: you know what you'll see, where you'll eat and how you'll move around. Still, you feel like something is missing. And no, it's not your toothbrush: you forgot to chose where to sleep in Milan. Try and interrogate Google: it will answer with an endless list of hotels and bed & breakfasts that will do nothing but confuse you. Leave the Da Ambrogio's and the starred hotels aside: what you need to focus on is the district in which you are willing to put your pyjama on and pull your slippers out.


Panini che passione: i migliori hamburger di Milano

A Milano l’hamburger è ormai un’istituzione: la ricerca del panino perfetto, quello che ti fa letteralmente dire “wow” al primo assaggio e che ti solletica le papille gustative, è irrinunciabile per i milanesi, ma anche per i turisti, che vogliono mangiare qualcosa di veloce per godersi subito dopo le bellezze della città meneghina. Non stiamo certo parlando di hamburger presi in un qualunque McDonald's: la nostra infatti è una classifica per buongustai, palati raffinati che amano lo street food di qualità.