From Città Studi to Central Railway Station

 Osteria al 9: Italian courses in a breathtaking garden!

Claudio merrily whistles behind a table full of paperwork, calculators and pens. The customers come close to him and tell him what they have eaten, he writes down some numbers, makes some calculations, takes off some euros, smiles and hands back the receipt. Alessandro wanders around the room, a bit quieter than Claudio, but still very friendly: he approaches a couple, makes sure that everything is ok and takes a long look at the garden showing proudly the banana trees to us: “A garden like this in Milan is hard to find! Look how wonderful the stone pool is!”

Claudio and Alessandro give to their restaurant a cheerful and intimate atmosphere. “Once upon a time” they tell us briskly “there was a bowling club in here. Then, we came along and turned it all around!” The restaurant is big and welcoming. A piece of advice: if the weather is sunny, go and sit in the garden, under the banana trees shade, but be aware of the curious turtles that walk undisturbed around! Grab a glass of wine and try the Fassone, one of their many specialties!


Via Thaon di Revel, 9, 20159 Milano
€  20-50
Mon-Fri: 12.00-15.00 19.00-00.00. Open only at dinnertime on Saturday
02 66825162    
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