Do you own an apartment in the center of Milan? Rent it for short periods

Apartment requirements:

Located in central areas of Milan;
Located in a luxory and silent places;
Fully furnished with modern and functional equipments
Equipped with all household appliances;
We do not rent single rooms or parts of the apartment.

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We offer a complete management of the properties by taking care of everything:
from the search of a highly selected clientele to the collection of payments, from the management of all paperwork to the services of maintenance and cleaning of the apartment.

You will have the chance to use your property during the term, during periods free from reservations, and you can check its status in every moment in the area dedicated to you. Reservations, payments, gas and light readings will be at your disposal!

“A management service for properties in Milan simple and fast"


Punctual and safe payments

We offer different profiles of remuneration, with safe payments always on time to meet the owners' needs. We provide solutions ad hoc, unique in the industry, for those owners waiting to sell their flats. You will get rid of any concern regarding the administration of your property.

Safety and transparency

Complete insurance coverage (in the case of damage caused to third parties by the tenant, fire and theft). A constant check of flat conditions as well as deposits to prevent any damage to the property.

Value and competency

Architects and homestagers ready to enhance the flat profile to make it more lucrative. Immediate maintenance interventions at every check-out.

Control and flexibility

With the simple system of online reports, you can have the situation under control at any time. You can also use the property during the mandate and independently decide when to have it back.

Regain possession of your property any time you wish

Chance to use the flat during the mandate

Freedom from the bureaucratic commitments of the classic rental formula

Safe and punctual payments with different remuneration profiles

Constant monitoring of the apartment and insurance coverage


Thanks to us, you’ll be free from all the bureaucratic obligations foreseen by the classical rental formula!


Huge advertising investments

Promotion of your apartment through every communicational channel.

Digital marketing, online and offline advertising, partnerships with health institutions, advertisement in magazines and guides.

★Competent and prepared staff

Our cleaning and maintenance services are handled by our trained staff.

Qualified and high level partners for every extraordinary maintenance service needed.

★ Referenced clients

Business tourists, managers, professionals, exhibitors, trade fairs and conferences attendees.

Classic tourists as well as Expo 2015 attendees.



Constant control of the apartment

Deposits to prevent any possible damage

Insurance Coverage RC for lease, fire and theft

Monthly payments, always punctual and reliable

Constant update of gas and light readings

Qualified staff for the maintenance of the apartment

Chance to use your apartment during the mandate period

Chance to control the bookings and the payments status

Do you need any additional information?

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