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 Vinile: a night dedicated to good vibes and wines

Have you ever read Nick Horny’s “High Fidelity” or, alternatively, watched the homonymous movie? Well, if the answer is yes, Vinile’s owner, Gianluca Soresi, will remind you of Rob Gordon, the book main character and owner of the Championship Vinyl, a record store in the suburbs of Chicago. Gianluca is in love with music, the one, though, far far away from the mangling of mp3: every musicologist, as Nick Hornby wrote, has his own fetish and Gianluca’s are, as the name suggests, vinyls. There are more than 200 in here, and you can listen to any of them by inserting it in the record layer near the bar while sipping a glass of wine. Gianluca, who graduated in law, says that his friends at school used to call him “living catalog” because he could, and still can, recognize any song from the first notes. In other words, Face the Music’s perfect player or the best person with whom to talk about music for one evening in Milan.

Via A. Tadino, 17, Milano
Tue: 17.30- 00.00 Wed-Thu: 17.30-01.00 Fri-Sat: 12.00-15.00 18.30-02.00 Sun: 12.30-16.00 18.30-00.00
02 36514233    
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