From Pagano to San Siro

 Viale Monte Rosa, between rebellion and innovation

From Piazzale Lotto take Viale Monterosa and look at your right. You will soon see the Il Sole 24 ore building appear. Il Sole 24 ore is a well-known Italian newspaper and its headquarter was built between 1998 and 2005 by Renzo Piano. You will immediately notice the huge windows that allow the view of the interior park, a true green oasis. The building is covered with a grid that alternates metal, silk-screened glass and sun-screen louvers: this assemblage gives the building a light, fresh and original aspect.

You don’t even need to turn in order to see something particular across the street as the windows of Il Sole 24 ore reflect its presence. We are talking about the Cantiere, a famous social center that, in 2001, took the place of the historic Derby cabaret. Its walls are decorated with murals and are in total contrast with the purity of the glass: one in front of the other, they diverge for their styles and philosophies but can be considered both symbols of revolutions, one social and the other architectural.

Via Monte Rosa, Milano, MI, Italia
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