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 Via Brisa: a Roman corner in Milan

This article is especially dedicated to all those readers who have been to Rome. Because here, in Via Brisa, it looks as if you were in Rome. All right, all right: there is no competition with the archaeological ruins and the historical beauty that our capital has in every corner, from the most hidden to the more centrally located. But, let this comparison pass and go take a look at Via Brisa.

Be careful, it is easy to miss as it is well hidden and separated from the main streets. When you find it, follow it without fearing of crossing cars and motorcycles: the street is for pedestrians only. Coming from Corso Magenta, look at your left and prepare your eyes to be amazed by the presence of Roman ruins plunged in the green of the grass around them. You do not have to be careful about cars and motorcycles, but you must take care not to step on the tails of stray cats that wander undisturbed in the street. Another point in common with Rome and, in particular, with its Torre Argentina, full of ruins and cats!

Via Brisa, Milano, MI, Italia
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