From Pagano to San Siro

 Drinking and dancing with San Siro on the background

The most famous chiringuito in Milan, the first to introduce the aperitivo in the ‘90s setting a trend. The cocktails are cheap and exquisite: with six euros you can enjoy a tasty longisland and then stare at the stars while finding yourself engaging in philosophical conversations with strangers sitting next to you. Be careful, you’ll have to shout a bit to be sure that your Hegelian theories are heard by your unfortunate neighbor: until 2am, the chiringuito delights its customers with a great musical selection… with a little bit of imagination you’ll feel as if you were at a beach party and not two meters away from the stadium.

Piazzale dello Sport, Milano, MI, Italia
€  5-10
Everyday: 08.00-02.00
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