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 Mexican restaurant with authentic Tex Mex cuisine? Discover Cueva Maya

Have you waken up this morning feeling the need of a refreshing margarita and a satisfying burrito? No worries, you don’t need to go to Mexico… Cueva Maya is here to cool your spirits down! The restaurant opened in 1995 and has always been decorated in a total Mexican style: exposed brick walls, prints of ancient warriors and South American music that permeates the rooms. The owner is Giovanni Gugliardi, author of the book TEX-MEX. Giovanni, between a mojito and a fajita, explains that his cuisine is “a mix of American and Mexican traditions, something that I experienced for the first time ten years ago in Long Island during one of those classic American outdoor barbecues”.

Tex-Mex cuisine takes corn, tortillas and tomatoes from the Mexican culture, while chickens, beans and meats come from the Texan one. The result is a series of brightly colored and super tasty plates. Do not miss two of the main and most famous courses, that is to say the strips of beef and chicken served on a hot grill and the tacos with chili. Wash everything down with an ice-cold beer or a glass of sangria and enjoy your tex-mex evening!


Viale Monte Nero, 19 Milano, MI, Italia
€  15-30
Everyday: 12.00-15.30 17.00-01.00
02 55185740
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