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 Vegan dishes plus kitchen lessons: that’s la Sana Gola!

An American who gives cooking lessons to Italians: a scenario that, in 99% of cases, would make anyone’s skin crawl. Behold, here we are in the remaining 1%: spaghetti garnished with ketchup are, praise the Lord, looked with disgust by the American in question, who prefers foods less botched up and more natural.

His name is Martin Hasley and he arrived in Milan in 1995. Biologist and expert of nutrition therapy and macrobiotic (with Michio Kushi as a point of reference), he decided to export his knowledge of food by opening a restaurant marked by organic and vegan ideologies.

The restaurant is spacious: decorated with bright colors, it has a large living room, where every table has at its center a jug of steaming tea. The menu changes every day: taste one of the delicious pies made of vegetables and accompanied by a farro salad with cherry tomatoes and barley. In addition to being a macro-bio-vegan restaurant, the Sana Gola is also a cooking schoolthat offers courses at various levels. It is a place that we recommend even to all those skepticals that “if there is no meat it makes no sense”: the dishes are really tasty and, although not dripping with pork fat, you won’t be disappointed!

Via Carlo Farini, 70, Milano, MI, Italia
€  15-35
Mon-Fri: 12.30-14.30 Thu: dinner+conference. Sun: Brunch 12.00-15.00.
02 6687188
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