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 Pavè: feeling like at home in the most exquisite bistro of Milan

We enter Pavè and we are immediately struck by the view of the open kitchen where a close-knit group of boys and girls dressed with aprons and toque blanche slice the butter and work the dough. Among them, there are Diego, Giovanni e Luca, the three friends who, in May 2012, decided to open this wonderful café in the center of Milan.

The philosophy behind Pavè is simple and genuine: recreate a familiar atmosphere so that customers can feel as if they are still sitting in their own kitchens. And, Pavé’s slogan, efficiently sums up this philosophy: “Stay at home, come to Pavè!”.

The products that have made this place famous are the ones leavened: brioches, panettone, breads… they are all displayed in the counter at the entrance and they are all mouthwatering. Among the many dishes, we suggest you to taste the tart with lemon cream and meringa or the sandwich with taleggio cheese, applesauce and nuts. Please, take note: every single piece of furniture, here, is made from materials of reuse and recovery that the three friends were able to brush up in flea markets. They did an amazing job: they succeeded in creating an original, unique and friendly atmosphere that welcomes the customers and pampers them with super tasty goods!


Via Casati, 27, Milano, MI, Italia
€  4-15
Tue-Fri: 08.00-20.00 Sat-Sun: 08.30-19.00
02 94392259
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