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 Panarello: the tastiest bakery of Milan!

This story begins at the end of the XIX century in Genoa. Picture in your mind a young boy called Francesco Panarello who works as a pastry chef in a small oven, tired of waking up before dawn and of yawning while preparing the dough. His gestures are almost automatic now: take the butter, weigh it, slice it, take the sugar, weigh it, take the eggs, mix them, put the dough in the oven … Francesco has had enough of this monotony, he is 17 years old and he wants to experience something different. So, instead of starting to wander towards unexplored destinations, he simply decides to add more sugar and butter to the dough he was preparing: although it is not such an heroic gesture, this simple move will revolutionize Francesco’s life. The customers, in fact, greatly appreciated this change and the queue outside the oven grew day by day: everyone was fascinated by this new recipe!
In 1885 Francesco, only 18 years old, took over the business, and continued his work of pastry modernization by buying the first electric oven in Genoa.

From the late 1800 until today, the brand Panarello has crossed the boundaries of Genoa and has landed in Milan… and we cannot but be grateful to the young Francesco and his decision to add a little sugar and butter to his dough! The employees of the bakery are keen to stress out that their machines have been built with features that mimic the hands kneading movements, thus leaving the dough unchanged for centuries. Go there for a yummy breakfast: take a slice of the Panarello pie, which, as you can imagine, is the highlight of the pastry shop, or try a Kranz, a traditional Austro-Hungarian dessert reinterpreted by the Italians.


Piazza San Nazaro in Brolo, 15, Milano, MI, Italia
€  3-15
Everyday: 08.00-19.00
02 87128284
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