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With its 17,000 sq.mt devoted to culture and offering plenty of services for Milan, the Mudec is the city’s exhibition centre opened in 2014 to carry out interdisciplinary research on world cultures. 

The origins of Mudec date back to the ‘90s when Milan City Council decided to buy the former Ansaldo steel plants to revamp the area and house those works of arts that had been looking for a proper collocation since the end of the II World War. 

Designed by the British architect David Chipperfield, the museum is located in Via Tortona 56. Visitors can explore the Museum display area, developed on the first floor around a large quadrilobate covered plaza, a meeting point for cultures and communities. Here is housed the permanent collection, Milan’s ethnic-anthropological heritage composed of more than 7,000 objects from all continents (here more details), and there is also space for extra rooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions. 

The Museum features an Auditorium where both visual and art performances take place. 
The temporary exhibitions include:

CURRENT – Banksy exhibition in Milan 
           ‘The Brave Captains’ exhibition in Milan 
UPCOMING – Lichtenstein exhibition in Milan 

Mudec isn’t only a museum, but it’s also home to the Lab, an area where children aged 4 to 9 can take part in laboratories about non European cultures. 

The third floor is the reign of chef Enrico Bartolini: innovation and experimentation lie at the heart of the restaurant philosophy, where guests are taken on a culinary journey to discover unexpected tastes balanced with tradition, on the backdrop of a refined atmosphere. 
If you want to visit Milan Museum of Cultures, buy the tickets online and check the opening hours HERE


via Tortona 56, CAP 20144 Milano
0254917     http://www.mudec.it/ita/
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