Isola and Moscova

 War memorial in Piazzale Segrino

As we have already mentioned, the Isola neighborhood was once populated by workers who, during World War II, used to be in the front line to fight fascism. To perpetuate their memory, on April 25, 1972 a war memorial was placed in Via Sassetti and then, forty years later, moved to the more central Segrino square.

The monument, designed by Carlo Ramous, represents flags waving in the wind and bears the names of all the Isola’s partisans who died fighting for freedom. Among the many names, those of the Meneghini brothers stand out: Bruno and Gino, two young students, who plotted and fought side by side against the blackshirts and who were executed together. According to the legend, they turned around to look at their executioners in the eyes, fearless even one moment before being shot.

The monument is not particularly attractive and most people pass by without even noticing it. In our opinion, however, it is worth mentioning in order to remember the deeds of those past heroes: take a moment here, think about their lives and ask honestly yourself if there is somebody nowadays able of the Meneghini’s courage.

Piazzale Segrino, Milano, MI, Italia
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