From Pagano to San Siro

 Monte Stella: a night under the starred sky

The Monte Stella is an artificial small mountain (45 meters tall) created by the accumulation of debris caused by the bombings of World War II together with some other materials. The project is due to architect Piero Bottoni, who dedicated it to his wife Elsa Stella, from which the name. It is surrounded by concrete steps and a park that hosts the Garden of the Righteous, which commemorates all those persons who opposed genocides and crimes against humanity.

We decided to put the Monte Stella in the nightly activities because it is open all night long and it is a perfect spot to gaze at the Milanese panorama and, if you are lucky and the weather is favorable, at the Alpine Arc and the Emilian Appennines. So, call that person that keeps you awake at night (or, alternatively, a couple of trusted friends), take some blankets, a couple of croissants and a thermos of coffee with you. Climb up to the top of the Monte and, after having philosophized about the transience of time and things, look at the sun rising over Milan… just make sure you are gazing at the right side, otherwise you’ll be merely staring at skyscrapers lightening up!


Via Enrico Terzaghi, Milano, MI, Italia
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