From Pagano to San Siro

 iStuff or, as the name indicates, the place where you can buy “stuff”

In 2006, while the iPod was acclaimed as the first music device in the world, M26, a store that sold mostly items related to the Apple brand, opened in Milan. The name was soon changed into iStuff, thus becoming part of a chain with stores in Milan, Ibiza and Formentera.

Yes, iStuff, and stuff is exactly what this shop sells: an infinite number of products at the same time useless and wonderful. Some examples? Stud covers for smartphones, that made them famous, small jackets for iPhones, life savers for plants and amplifiers on toilet paper dispensers. The shop is in Via Marghera and has three different sectors: the first, the one next to the window, is iStuff; then, by turning on the right, you enter a narrow, dimly lit corridor leading to two smaller rooms, one that exhibits Bad Spirit clothes and the other, more intimate, MU music instruments. The music changes from one room to the other, but it remains a constant in this shop. iStuff in fact, is not only specialized in adorable and captive uselessness, but also in musical objects of great level, such as amplifiers made of ceramic which allow an improvement of the sound as the music goes on and the ceramic is heated.

Via Marghera, 26, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon: 15.00- 21.00 Tue-Sun: 11.00-21.00
02 36523341    
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