From University Statale to Porta Romana

 The cartoons museum: a world of sketches, thought bubbles and murales

A majestic building with lots of murales, occupied by the Motta factory in its early days. Now, the yellow building, with drawings of super heroes and a cloudy sky with the writing WOW popping out, hosts the Museum of the Cartoon.

Built and managed by the Foundation Franco Fossati, the museum was born in 2011 and houses some amazing masterpieces. Among its creatures, there are statues portraying Micky Mouse and the Peanuts and a myriad of expository windows that show old and new cartoons. Most sections of the museum are for free, while the temporary exhibitions have an entrance fee. We, being fan of Dylan Dog, couldn’t help but admire the reproduction of his desk with his never-ended galleon. So… the name of the museum is exactly what the spectator thinks when he steps into it: WOW!

Viale Campania, 12, Milano, MI, Italia
Tue-Fri: 15.00-19.00 Sat-Sun: 15.00-20.00. Each morning workshops and guided tours are organized.
02 49524744
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