From Città Studi to Central Railway Station

 The Milanese venue for all of the rock lovers!

Walls, tables and even toilets covered with photos of rock stars. Girls with tight leather pants and bearded guys with a Slayer t-shirt drinking beer and complaining about the contemporary music scene. This is the scenario you will encounter once you approach the Rock’n’Roll.

Step into, grab a beer and sit on one of the comfortable armchairs. Here, you can chat with your friends while listening to some of the most famous rock hits. If you feel like dancing, take a tour in the basement, where a dimly lit room accommodates bands or dj sets. The most affectionate and nostalgic clients remember the time when it was possible to call the waiters through a button-panels positioned on each table. We like it also in its new look and, even if you are not a rock fan, give it a go!


Via G. Bruschetti, 11, Milano
Mon-Thu: 19.30-03.00 Fri-Sat: 19.30- 04.00. Sun: 20.30-02.30
02 6691971
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