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 The veggie fastfood par excellence: Mens@Sana

Mens@Sana is a chain of bio-vegan restaurants spread all over Milan. This particular venue is quite small and conceived as a point of sale. However, we have had lunch here a couple of times, so we still recommend it, particularly because it is never crowded and it is possible to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. So, if you fancy an healthy and vegan meal, Mens@Sana is what you are looking for.

The food offered is visible behind the counter window: choose the one that inspires you the most and keep in mind that the price varies according to the weight. A piece of advice: try the dumplings with buckwheat or the seitan with potatoes and season everything with vegan mayonnaise. Do not miss the desserts, we assure you that they are delicious and they taste exactly as if eggs and butter were part of the dough! Our favorites are the chocolate truffles and the cake with pears and ginger, served hot.

Take a seat at the table, dress it up and wait for your name to be called. In the meantime, pour a bit of tea on your glass… do not be skeptical, and even if you prefer a big, thick steak instead of lettuce and tomatoes, at least give it a go!

Viale Lazio, 25, Milano, MI, Italia
€  7-15
Mon-Sat: 10.30-15.00 18.30-22.00
02 89762202
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