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 Globe: a drink on a terrace above Piazza V Giornate

You have explored the subterranean Milan thanks to the subway or the Binario 21? You have walked its streets far and wide and now you know every single piece of pavè? Well, now you only need to see Milan from above. There are lots of solutions, from crawling up to the last floor of a skyscraper to climbing at the top of the Duomo.

We, however, recommend you to arrive in Piazza V Giornate, enter the mall Coin, avoid the salespersons who will haunt you down with the new Dior fragrance and take the elevator up to the last floor. This floor houses the Globe, an elegant venue with big windows that dominate the square.  We advise you to go there for an aperitivo: choose a drink, take a small plastic dish and fill it up with the pizzas, vegetables, croquettes and all the other delights you’ll find in the buffet. We usually order a Moscow Mule or a Metropolitan and then we head to the terrace, which is open even in winter thanks to the heating. Now, stay silent for a while and admire the panorama: Piazza V Giornate with it cars queueing that look like toys, its trams traversing Corso XXII Marzo and stopping to pick up the umpteenth latecomer with his briefcase…a true show!

Piazza Cinque Giornate, 1/A, Milano, MI, Italia
€  10-20
Mon: 12.00-15.30 Tue-Sun: 12.00-00.00
02 55181969
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