From Pagano to San Siro

 Fiera Milano City: the new exhibition center of Milan

The ticking of stylish stilettos and the noise of bulldozers, the yells indicating where to put concrete blocks and the comments about the conference that has just ended: this is how you’ll be welcomed in Fiera Milano City, where the contrast between what is already there and what still has to come is definitely noticeable.

The area, that once housed the Trade Fair Buonarroti- Amendola, is now home to the fairgrounds (that exist alongside the ones of Rho- Pero) and the convention center (a majestic building containing up to 18.000 seats that receives its visitors with the Cozy wave, a wave-shaped roof built with a special translucent material).

The construction yards and the bulldozers will soon be replaced by City Life, the area designed by architects Hadid, Isozaki, Libesckid and Maggiora that will harbor a hotel, modern residential buildings, shopping malls and offices. In addition, there will be a wide pedestrian area enriched by a park, a new Museum of Contemporary Art, a new Design Museum (which will echo the Triennale), the Palazzo delle Scintille (dedicated to children’s activities) and the new Lilla metro stations. Fiera Milano City allows the insertion of Milan in the panorama of European cities that compete for the supremacy in the field of hospitality (cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna, Amsterdam and Monaco).

Piazzale Carlo Magno, 1, Milano, MI, Italia
02 49971
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