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 Denzel, the kosher restaurant in Wagner

How a restaurant in Via Washington run by three extravagant brothers can be called? Nothing but Denzel of course! The brothers played with the American actor’s name and created a restaurant whose philosophy lies in the preparation of fresh and genuine food: its specialty are hamburgers, or better, Art Burgers, that is to say burgers prepared at the moment, without any freezing procedures or preservatives added. The brothers have Jewish origins, so the restaurant follows kosher rules and offers, apart from American food, Mediterranean dishes such as falafel and humus. A bizarre and yummy dish is the Messi Meat: beef meatballs, parsley and pine nuts put together on a stick of cinnamon and served with Israeli salad. If you fancy a burger but do not want to compromise on quality, Denzel is what you are looking for!

Via Giorgio Washington, 9, Milano, MI, Italia
€  10-25
Sun-Thu: 12.00-14.30 19.00-23.30 Fri: 12.00-14.30 Sat: 19.00-23.30
02 48519326
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