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 Da Martino: tasty and low cost meal in Milan

We stepped into asking for Martino. “Ah, if he was still alive he would have scolded me for today’s mess!”. This is Sergio talking, Martino’s son. He tightens up the knot of his apron, caresses his beard and takes an old black and white picture from the wall. “This is my dad in front of the restaurant. Well, actually it was not a restaurant at the beginning. It used to be a friggitoria, a place where everything was served deep-fried… it became soon very popular… after all, everything is good if fried, even a shoe! My dad died when I was only 7” he touches his black and white father with his finger tips. “ My mum took over the management and worked here until her death, that happened when I was 18… such a lucky boy, eh?” he smiles without looking at us. Flavia, his wife, walks towards him; Sergio takes her in his arms and joyfully says: “Then she came into my life, we married and we started running this loving shack together.

This loving shack is a special place: small and warm, it displays its plates in the window. We saw some guys suited-up entering with suspicious looks and leaving with full bellies and satisfied smiles. During lunch time the menu keeps its prices lower than at night, “to help the workers, you know”. We suggest you to try the fiorentina, the Milanese cotoletta and the sliced pizza, elected one of the best in Milan by the newspaper Corriere della Sera. Taste the Milanese beer Sant’Amboeus and be prepared to leave the place with full bellies and satisfied smiles!

Via Carlo Farini, 8, Milano, MI, Italia
€  7-15
Mon-Sun: 12.00-15.00 19.00-22.30. Closed on Wednesday.
02 6554974    
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