From Navigli to Sant’Ambrogio

 Ciriboga, traditional Italian kitchen with an hint of originality

Once upon a time, this location was used as a book binding place. Then, in 1999, a group of friends decided to take it over and to open a restaurant. Let’s start from the bizarre name which is the transliteration of an old Basque word, txiriboga, indicating the traditional taverns where the host used to offer a hot meal and a place to sleep to the travelers (for instance, Game of Thrones fans, think about those taverns where Arya and the Hound stop and slayer every living soul).When the restaurant opened, its intent was to recreate a familiar atmosphere able to welcome customers after their pilgrimages around Milan and make them feel as if they were having a simple, cozy dinner at their houses.

The dishes follow the traditional Italian cuisine, but they are revisited in an original way, sometimes a bit too extravagant. A couple of examples: the fried ravioli stuffed with eggplant cream and basil, the mango gazpacho and the wholegrain pasta with nuts and fish. Please note: the venue has forty seats, so it’s better if you book in advance!

Via Savona, 10, Milano, MI, Italia
€  20-30
Mon-Sat: 19.00-00.00
02 8322496    
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