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 Angelo’s Bistrot: the taste in Via Savona

When entering, you’ll immediately feel as if spied and followed in every single movement by curious eyes. These eyes are not Angelo’s, the owner, or the cook-maid’s, who occasionally peeps out from the kitchen: by turning your head to the left and you will immediately notice a couple of Moira Orfei’s eyes staring at you on the top of a pink manifesto. Angelo’s bistro is full of these design details that are impossible to go unnoticed and that give a touch of extravagance to the place: plants hanging from the ceiling, a circular table with croissants and flowers, a full deck of playing cards hung on a wall and stored behind a glass.

We went there for breakfast and we ordered a slice of cake with ricotta cheese served with a warm chocolate cream and strawberries … a real delight! Angelo has listed to us the courses served for lunch and dinner: “One of our highlights is the hummus, served with bread carasau … and then the meatballs cooked in tomato sauce, the Paccheri with zucchini, shrimp and mint, tartare sauce with yogurt…”. The mere mention of these specialties made us ravenous, but unfortunately we couldn’t stay for lunch as we had to review another restaurant. You, however, take all the time needed to enjoy Angelo’s Bistro!

Via Savona, 55 Milano
€  13-30
Every day: 08.00-20.00. Closed on Saturday.
02 45548642    
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