From Navigli to Sant’Ambrogio

 Alchimia: restaurant and lounge bar next to the navigli

 A small door with the sign lit: a location that seems, at a first glance, nothing spectacular. Don’t be fooled, take courage, open the small door and prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised. This small door, in fact, leads to a very spacious room furnished in a vintage, original way: comfortable leather sofas, retro prints and a long wooden table where, during the aperitivo, a buffet materializes. Alchemy’s atmosphere, restaurant and lounge bar run by brothers Christian and Valentina, is truly magical.

The food is nothing special but we highly recommend you to go there anyway, especially to observe the interior design and to spend a pleasant evening under the dim lights of the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Order a serving of Gragnano spaghetti or one of their salumi and cheese cutting boards and sink in one of the sofas, trying to find, hidden around, small details that make this place a real treat for the eyes. Among the many, we have spotted wine-caps in the shape of horses or deers…enjoy your meal and your scavenger hunt!

Via Francesco Brioschi, 17, Milano, MI, Italia
€  30-80
Tue-Sun: 18.00-02.00
02 8356412
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