A travel guide to Milan’s neighbourhoods

Let us guide you in the discovery of the most charming Milanese districts.

Choose a neighborhood from the map
or select it from the list. Enjoy your journey!

 You have just set foot in Milan and you have already been bombarded with leaflets, neon lights and persuasive billboards? Are you already feeling lost in front of the myriad of possibilities that unfolds in front of you and are you thinking that in such a short time it is impossible to quench your desire to know the city? Do not worry, this guide is designed specifically for you, short-term Milanese!

The city of Milan has been divided into six macro areas: for each of them you will find information about unmissable restaurants, nightclubs, museums and shops. We have tried to please every taste and every budget: we have reviewed both restaurants with silverware and restaurants where no cutlery at all is needed, both clubs where the tie-jacket / heel-clutch duo is a must and pubs that only sell beer.

We walked our way through the city, fearing neither August’s hot days nor March’s torrential rains. We challenged the mistrusting owners with our pencil-swords and our notebook-shield. We explored the most famous squares and we meandered into the most hidden streets, discovering magical places too often forgotten. In short, we have tried to show you the Milan we like. A Milan that goes beyond the skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle of workers and smog.
An authentic, genuine and eccentric Milan.

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  • Traffic Police

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Mobility and transport


  • ASL

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  • Doctor on call

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  • Red cross

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  • Burn center

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  • Moovit

    Journey planner: public transport itineraries, maps and timetables.

  • Spotlime

    Day by day, what’s happening in Milan.

  • Fieramilano

    The official app of Fiera Milano allows you to plan your trip and to discover the services offered as well as the calendar of events.

  • Milano.Life

    It indicates the points of interest around you and tells you how to reach them.

  • Milano Easy Parking

    It shows the parking spots near you, it allows you to pay the ticket directly from your smartphone and records your position.

  • Milano4All

    It allows you to verify the accessibility of the public places around you.