Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



1. Purpose of the contract

The present contract of “Housing” or rather “Residence” grants  temporary possession on behalf of The Best Rent S.r.l. to the Client of a property, accompanied by the additional services of hospitality and not, against the payment on behalf of the user on the premises of the fee established by the company.

2. Booking and contract stipulation

2.1   The Client will select the apartment he intends to use in temporary possession choosing from the ones present on the website www.thebestrent.it. He can request information about the selected apartment by contacting The Best Rest S.r.l. by telephone + 390236683400, by fax + 390236683403, or by email booking@thebestrent.it filling the form “Booking request” that can be found in the company’s website.

2.2   After having received the booking request, The Best Rent S.r.l. will send to the Client, by fax or email, a “Booking form” regarding the chosen property and containing:

a)      The address and characteristics of the selected apartment;

b)      The duration of the contract with the period chosen by the Client;

c)       The sum required for having the possession of the property granted (given in full for periods of less than a      month and on a monthly basis for periods exceeding a month);

d)    The full amount of money the Client has to provide in order to book the property;

e)    The due amount of security deposit that must be sent before check in and a copy of the “Cancellation Policy”;

f)     The maximum number of occupants that the property can host;

g)    When check in and check out take place;

h)    The additional services included in the price of the contract;

i)     The additional services beyond the contract that can be requested by the client with their relative costs.

j)      The methods of payment and the account details of The Best Rent S.r.l.

2.3   The form referred to in section 2.2 should be completed by the customer with any missing data (for example, the details of all the people who will occupy the property with their identification data ) signed and sent or faxed  at The Best Rent S.r.l. within 24 hours from the receiving of the form.

2.4   Booking forms sent after the period found in section 2.3 will be invalidated.

2.5   If the Client has chosen the bank transfer as his method of payment, he must send a bank receipt of the aforementioned transfer to The Best Rent either via fax or email within 24 hours.

2.6   The contract will be considered validly stipulated and concluded between all parties only after the Client has received the booking form signed by The Best Rent S.r.l. (via fax, email or post).

2.7   If the Client delays in sending the banking receipt and the chosen property is no longer available, The Best Rent S.r.l. will, where possible, propose to the Client, via a new booking form, another property available, also indicating the expenses differences.

2.8   The Client, within 24 hours of receiving of the communication from mentioned in 2.7, must resend the new booking form accepted and signed to The Best Rent S.r.l. via fax or email.

2.9   In the case that the Client does not intend to accept the proposed changes  by the company, the Client must send a written communication to The Best Rent S.r.l. who will then return the amount received within 10 days. 

3. Payment methods

3.1 Until when the contract has been agreed by all parties (which is until the signed Client’s form is received by The Best Rent S.r.l with all the requirements referred to in 2.6, or until the point of dispatch from the Client of the new booking form referred to in 2.8) the Client can revoke his/her proposed contract, thus canceling the booking, by sending written communication to the company via fax or email. The Best Rent S.r.l. will return to the Client the sum of the receipt within 10 days from receiving the aforementioned communication.

3.2 After the conclusion of the contract between the parties, the sum paid in advance by the customer will constitute a deposit pursuant to art. 1385 of the civil code and will be retained by The Best Rent S.r.l. in case of cancellation by the customer.

3.3 The Client must pay the due amount in order to take temporary possession of the property (the sum indicated in the booking form referred to in 2.2 subsection c) or referred to in 2.7) before checking in (i.e. before registration and delivery of keys). For periods exceeding a month, the following monthly deposit must be paid before the beginning of the month to which the payment refers. We don’t accept cash payment exceeding 1000€.

3.4 The Best Rent S.r.l., after check-in operations, will be entitled to deduct, in the event of an early departure of the customer, all monies paid from the same or different sum indicated in the “cancellation policy” (indicated in the booking form referred to in  2.2 subsection e).

3.5 The corresponding figure referred to in section 3.3 is inclusive of water, electricity and gas. In case of periods of employment of the property equal to or exceeding 30 days, expenses related to electricity and gas are included in the price up to a maximum amount established by the size of the property:

• €. 50,00 a month for an apartment up to 50 sq.;
• €. 75,00 a month for an apartment from 51sq. to 80sq.;
• €. 100,00 a month for an apartment from 81sq. to 120sq.;
• €. 125,00 a month for an apartment from 121sq. to 160sq.;
• €. 150,00 a month for an apartment up to 160sq..

3.6      For periods of stay inferior 30 days such expenses are to be considered included in the amount paid for the property to a maximum amount calculated on a pro rata basis on the monthly amount.

3.7 For specific properties, The Best Rent S.r.l. will indicate to the customer in the “booking form” the different amounts for the costs of electricity and gas which are included in the fee described in section 3.3 or any alternate counting methods for consumption of electricity and gas.

3.8  Upon check in and check out The Best Rent S.r.l. personnel will read the meter reading of electricity and gas. If consumption is higher than those listed above, the difference will be charged to the customer. 0.30 per Kwh and € 1.00 for every cubic meter of gas consumed. This sum will be deducted from the security deposit.

3.9 For periods of stay at the property exceeding 30 days and if The Best Rent S.r.l. considers it necessary, the company reserves the right to apply (giving timely notice to the customer) any adjustments to the average unit costs due to changes in market prices applied by the respective operators of supply and ask the Client for the adjustments relating to excess consumption of electricity and gas.

4. Deposit

4.1 The Client shall pay The Best Rent S.r.l. the security deposit indicated in the booking form referred to in section 2.2 before checking-in. The deposit will be given in order to guarantee any damages that the Client might cause to the property and may be used by the company to recover any other pecuniary obligation owed by the Client.

4.2 The Best Rent S.r.l., within 5 days from the check-out (or from the control and verification of the property), will return the whole security deposit to the Client, or the amount remaining after the deduction of the suitable sums referred to in 4.1.

The Client, immediately after the property release or within 15 days from the receiving of a request from the company, is committed to pay any major damages caused to the property by himself or other dwellers.

5. Duration of the contract

The duration of the contract is indicated in the booking form. When this period is over, the Client will leave the property without any notice needed. 

6. Replacement of the property

6.1 The Best Rent S.r.l. reserves the right to substitute the property at any moment, both before and during the period of stay, with another of equal or higher level where, for reasons not attributable to the company, the property chosen by the Client is unusable. The Client has the right to decline the proposed change and, in this case, be entitled to a refund of only the amount paid until that point, without the right to reimbursement of damages due to the loss of use of their chosen property or any other title.

7. Delivery and return of the property

7.1 The Client must be in front of the chosen property at the time and place indicated on the booking form. A representative of The Best Rent S.r.l. will provide a report, a description of the furniture and, where appropriate, an indication of the rules that must be respected in the property. This will then be signed by the Client and the company representative will hand over the property’s keys and a copy of the property regulations.

7.2 The Client, during check in, shall provide to the representative of The Best Rent S.r.l. all the IDs of all people staying in the property.

7.3 The Client must give advanced notice to the company for any delay in regards to the scheduled check in thus relinquishing The Best Rent S.r.l. from any responsibility for any diminished service that is caused by the aforementioned delay.

7.4 On the day and at the agreed check out time, (dates and hours are indicated on the booking form in 2.2) the Client will return the keys of the property to the representative of The Best Rent S.r.l. and sign off the record of delivery that will be presented by the company at the end of the checks.

7.5 Where there is a delay, also of days, in occupying or in leaving the property prior to the agreed upon date, the Client does not retain the right to any reduction in the considerations agreed upon and indicated on the booking form referred to in 2.2.

8. The Client’s obligations

8.1 The Client is obliged to leave the property in the same state in which he found it when checking in.

8.2 The Client is obliged to ensure that the property is only attended by persons whom have been indicated on the booking form as referred to in 2.2. Any exceptions must be agreed with the company in accordance with the necessary requirements of law.

8.3 The Client guarantees that every person present in the apartment is regularly present on the Italian territory and that, if they are foreigners, they have all the required residence permits and visas following the norms for public safety. The Client assumes direct responsibility for the truthfulness of this statement.

8.4 The Client is obliged to not grant usage of the property to any third parties and to not alter in any way the destination of the aforementioned.

8.5  The Client is obliged to use the property with care and to abstain from any action that could result in the damage to the property, this pertains to all contents of the property. The Client will be obliged to cover the cost of any damages that they have caused.

8.6 The Client is obliged to respect and ensure that all occupants respect the rules of the property, the rules of the neighborhood and the rules detailed in the document “House Rules” sent by The Best Rent S.r.l. to the Client along with the “Booking form”.

8.7 The Client is obliged to make sure that no unknown people enter the property.

8.8 The Client is obliged to neither reproduce/replicate nor give to third parties copies of the keys or security codes. The Client will be liable for the costs of replacing the locks and the number of 6 bunches of keys.

8.9 The Client is not allowed to have animals in the apartment unless prior agreement with The Best Rent S.r.l.

8.10 The Client is obliged to maintain the property to an acceptable level. The Client accepts that The Best Rent S.r.l. can, with prior notice, send a representative to check the apartment. The Client also accepts that, in the unquestionable opinion of the representative considering the property not been kept to an acceptable degree, The Best Rent S.r.l. can send their personnel to tide, clean and restore the property and charge the Client with the intervention costs.

9. Ending of the contract

9.1 Pursuant to and in accordance with article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, the contract between the parties may be ended by the law where the Client:

·      does not pay the agreed price for the use of the property prior to check in;

·      does not pay the agreed price for the use of the property prior to check in, or, for periods of stay of more than 30 days, does not pay the monthly payments under the terms provided in section 3.3,

·     does not pay at the time of check in the security deposit;

·      yields the property to third parties;

·      changes the destination of the property;

·      allows occupancy to parties that are not declared to or unauthorized by The Best Rent S.r.l.

9.2   The Best Rent S. r.l. can avail itself of the ending clause by contacting the customer by any written form.

9.3   In the case of the ending clause taking place, the customer will not be able to request a remuneration of the sum paid to the company. All other rights of The Best Rent S. r.l. remain unaffected including that which asks the customer payment of the amount due and not yet paid for the services received.

10. Liability of The Best Rent S.r.l.

10.1  The contractual liability of The Best Rent S.r.l. towards the customer shall be limited to the amount which the customer has paid for the delivery of the service covered by this agreement.

10.2  The company shall not be liable to the customer for interruption and suspension of the supply of electricity, gas, telephone and/or internet, satellite TV.

10.3  The Best Rent S.r.l. shall not be liable for damages from the customer during the use of the property as a result of water infiltration, noxious fumes, theft or breakage.

10.4  The Best Rent S.r.l., where additional services are not provided directly by its personnel, shall not be liable for poor service, malfunctions or liability attributable only to persons or companies that provide these external services.

11. Complaints

11.1  Any complaints by the customer shall be communicated to The Best Rent S.r.l. immediately and in any case not later than 15 days from the date of issue.

12. Jurisdiction

12.1  The Court of Milan will have jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise between the parties concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of the contract. In any case the above-mentioned Agreement shall be applicable solely to the Italian law.

13. Privacy

13.1  The Client expressly authorizes The Best Rent S.r.l. to use their personal information and to provide them, according to Article 196/2003, to delegates of the company for the purposes of the execution of this contract.

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